Ragdoll Kittens in Massachusetts





My name is Charlotte, welcome to Rhetorical ragdolls, we are a small, hobby breeder of top quality, ragdoll cats. We chose the name rhetorical ragdolls because ragdolls have many different ways of communicating with their people, this heightened ability to communicate is one of my (many) favorite traits of the ragdoll. They are not aloof, they are very much a family member. These are more than cats. Some call them “puppy cats”. Your ragdoll will attach themself to you in a way that is very unlike any other cat. They will follow a daily routine with you. They will most likely know what time you come home each day and be there waiting for you. They will be easily voice trained. We are a TICA and RFCI registered small hobby breeder of Ragdoll kittens located in Massachusetts. Our kittens are raised in our home with us and are individually loved and cared for from the day they are born.  I fell in love with the ragdoll breed years ago when I was was given my fist ragdoll cat. Since then I have become completely smitten with ragdolls. Breeding these beautiful cats and watching each litter grow and develop has become a passion. Ragdolls have a rabbit-like coat. It is medium to long and non matting. Grooming is minimal. Ragdolls mature very slowly. It takes 2-3 years for them to reach thier full size. Males weigh between 15-20 pounds, females usually 5 pounds less. Ragdolls are not destructive cats by nature. They do not have cat-like instincts and therefore MUST be kept indoors.


**All kittens will first two sets of vaccinations, 3-5 rounds of prophylactic deworming, frontline application, and spay or neuter by our Vet prior to leaving our home. Micro-chipping is done on all of our kittens and included in price. Rabies vaccines will be given to kittens that meet the criteria, our Veterinarian will decide. Fortunately, we have full time access to a wonderful veterinarian.

When you adopt a rhetorical ragdoll, you can expect a genetically sound, well socialized and most beautiful ragdoll kitten. Our ragdolls are socialized daily, raised underfoot with children and dogs, but MOST of all, they are BORN with a superior ragdoll personality, SELECTIVELY bred to bring you the best. We back our ragdoll babies 100%


The Ragdoll Breed was started by a woman named Ann Baker in Riverside, California during the early 1960’s. The original foundation cats of the Ragdoll breed were in fact all strays that roamed free around Ann Baker’s home, as well as her neighbors. The first litter of “experimental” kittens was produced by an all white “angora-like” female cat named Josephine. Ann Baker thought this breed was some sort of miracle. All of Josephine’s babies were rumored to be floppy, and loveable teddy bears, despite where they came from, a feral outdoor environment. There are many stories surrounding the first litter. Ann Baker also thought they first litter of kittens may have been this floppy and laid-back because Josephine was hit by a car, and Baker took the litter in to nurse back to health. Baker thought the car accident was what must have made the kittens so floppy and such ideal family pets. There were also many other foundation cats who are in all of our Ragdoll pedigrees today, one male cat being “Blackie” who was a solid black cat, resembling a “Burmese”, and another male named “Daddy Warbucks” who was a Seal Point Mitted Birman. At the time Ann Baker was also experimenting with the creation of other breeds that may have been strung off of these lines, like the “Honey Bear”. These breeds she experimented with were never recognized, or advanced much further than her own home. The early Ann Baker was also a persian breeder.

Ann Baker started her own association called IRCA (International Ragdoll Cat Association), and she also had a patent on the Ragdoll name. She didn’t want the Ragdoll taken away from her, and wanted to control the breed. Denny & Laura Dayton were the first breeders to get some of her Ragdoll Cats, and take them into advancement, getting the breed accepted in many other associations. The Daytons worked hard on putting together a complete pedigree system, and kept very nice track of all of the early ragdoll records (some which they worked very hard to get released by Baker). Baker was very hostile towards The Daytons for taking over her breed, and stealing her fame. She tried her best to get the breed back but in the end lost the fight. Baker remained pretty tight lipped about the early ragdolls, and only gave information to those she trusted. The Daytons are responsible for the Ragdoll’s big break in America, and soon they spread to England. The Dayton’s called their cattery “Blossom-Time”. You can find the Blossom-Time name in all traditional Ragdoll Pedigrees.