Ragdoll Kittens in Massachusetts

Marlcreek Forever in blue jeans of Rhetorical

divider8 Months old in this picture


I do not know where to begin with our precious blue bicolor boy! I have been waiting and seeking for a long time to upgrade our cattery¬†and find a blue bicolor male who has it all. Well, good things come to those who wait! I would love to introduce “Marlcreek’s forever in blue jeans” This boy has the entire package and then some! First, he is genetically healthy as they come and has a superior pedigree (posting soon) his very large size is the standard of a male ragdoll, at 7 months old, this boy is already over 15 pounds! His markings are perfect, his eyes are sapphire blue, his coat is ultra plush and soft as silk. This boy is the joy of our household. Of course he follows us everywhere but he also fetches, and will tap us with his paw to get our attention! He is excellent with children, cats and dogs. He is very confident in himself as well he should be. Blue attended his first TICA show in Framingham and was up against a good sized class of ragdoll kittens and he came home with 5 finals!! The judges loved him and kept complimenting on his size, bone structure, eye color and personality. This is just the beginning for Blue, we will be showing him as much as possible, so wonderful to finally have such a high quality, loveable, healthy ragdoll!! Many thanks to Charmayne Anderson for entrusting Blue with us and helping to make our dreams come true!