Ragdoll Kittens in Massachusetts

Homecoming tips


Here is a list of supplies you will need to purchase before bringing your new kitten home.

If you are a first-time kitten owner, there are a number of essential supplies you will need to purchase before bringing your new kitten home.

Essential Kitten Supplies List: The Basics

Kitten Food

We feed our cats and kittens Royal canin cats foods (wet and dry). We recommend Royal canin kitten dry food to be left out at all times, let your kitten free feed on this along with fresh water. We feed canned food daily, in the evening.

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Multiple Food and Water Bowls

These should be either stainless steel or ceramic. Plastic bowls are popular but can cause skin inflammation (“feline chin acne”) in many cats. We love and recommend flowing water dishes as they encourage kittens to drink plenty of water.


Litter Boxes, Cat Litter and Scooper

Remember, the general rule of thumb is that you need one litter box per cat plus one. One cat will need two boxes, two cats will need three boxes, etc. We use Arm and hammer litter, any variant is okay.  We recommend a small litter box with NO COVER to start while your kitten gets used to his/her new surroundings. We recommend adding “cat attract” to your litterboxes during the first month of your kitten transitioning into his/her new home. Sometimes moving into a new home with unfamiliar surroundings can confuse and intimidate a new kitten, accidents occasionally happen during this major transition, this does not mean that your kitten is not litterbox trained . Adding cat attract assures a seamless transition for your kitten and your family.


  1. START KITTY OFF IN A SMALL ROOM, AWAY FROM OTHER ANIMALS  A bedroom or even a bathroom will work well for this purpose. A small room will give your new cat a chance to get used to the smells and sounds of your home without being overwhelmed. It will give you a chance to make sure kitty is eating, drinking, and using the litter box properly.  Never, ever introduce new animals to existing ones right away — it’s a recipe for disaster!
  2. GIVE YOUR NEW KITTY A CHANCE TO RELAX  It can be hard to resist wanting to pat or play with your new cat right away, but remember that even though you are the best new home your cat could hope for, change is always stressful for cats, so your best bet is to give kitty a chance to settle in for a few hours or even overnight before spending a lot of time interacting.
  3. MAKE SURE YOUR FIRST INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR NEW KITTY ARE POSITIVE  Have everything set up for the cat before you let him or her loose in the room so that the noise and movement of set up won’t add to kitty’s stress. Have your first interactions be about really yummy food, a great new toy, treats, and lots of kind words and gentle attention. Let your kitty know he or she is safe and that lots of good things await!
  4. KITTEN-PROOF THE ROOM   Check the room carefully for small objects that can be ingested, heavy things than can be knocked or pulled down, cords that can be chewed on, spaces that kittens can get into but may not be able to get out of easily, etc. Kittens can get into lots of trouble, so look around and make sure everything is safe for them!

Scratching Posts

Cats need scratching posts to play on and to sharpen their claws. These will also protect your furniture by offering kitty an alternative! One large cat-tree for climbing coupled with one smaller post is sufficient. Remember, ragdolls are not as destructive as other breeds but they do sharpen their nails at times.


Cat Carrier

ALWAYS put your cat in a carrier for travel to and from the veterinary clinic. It is not safe to carry your kitten in your arms. If a loud noise spooks her, she may get away from you. It is also a good idea to make the carrier into a bed and leave it out at home for the kitten to get comfortable with.


Essential Kitten Supplies List: Extras


I do not buy kitten/cat beds because my cats have never used the ones that I bought! They find their own “beds” within your home. They do LOVE cat condos.


Our cats and kittens favorite toys include laser light, feathers on a stick type toys, small balls that roll around and catnip toys.

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Essential Kitten Supplies List: Grooming Needs

A brush or comb with wire teeth work best


Cat Nail Trimmers


No need to bath your new kitten (unless you are showing him/her), there are plenty of dry shampoos for cats at your favorite pet supply store to help keep your kitten fresh and beautiful, I recommend brushing about once a week and nail clipping about every two weeks.

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We will provide demonstration of how to trim cat toenails safely upon request. All kittens should be microchipped during one of their veterinary visits if they have not been done by our vet prior to departure.

Thankyou for reading this page, we look forward to meeting you!!